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  • November 6, 2021
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Multimedia Producing With Authorware E-Learning

Virtual multimedia production tutorial with Authorware examines the abilities of someone who, in addition to mastering the skills of a general computer user, is responsible for installing Authorware software, exploring basic software concepts, working with display icons, and Decision, Motion, Map, Sound. , Movie, Erase, Icons to work with, Tools Wait for Connection as Button Connection as Down Pull menu, Area Target and can be installed with Shield Install the software.

Today, multimedia education through educational disks is expanding. Different methods are used to prepare and produce educational discs. Authorware software is one of these types of software that is used to provide multimedia training systems. Macromedia Authorware is software used to create multimedia applications, e-learning, and… mods. All Microsoft PowerPoints are valid, and all of them must be generated from each other and the presentation must be generated.

Authorware software capabilities:

Compatible with PowerPoint software
Build incredibly engaging presentations
Preparation of multimedia programs, e-learning, and…
Compatible with a variety of Windows versions
Comes with an easy user interface

Virtual training courses for multimedia production with Authorware:

Ability to install Authorware software

Ability to run and work with flowline and Authorware software design window

Ability to work with display icons and tools

Ability to use Wait icon

Ability to work with Erase Icon

Prerequisites for this course:

The multimedia production course with Authorware does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up

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