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  • November 6, 2021
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Robotic Hardware E-Learning

Robotic Hardware Virtual Training: Writing Robotic Arm is an Arduino-based project. It is a programmable robot with similar functions to the human arm. The writing robot is able to write different letters. The writing robot can write in our handwriting style. An algorithm is designed to provide different angles for the robotic arm on which the robot moves to write letters.

The algorithm is completely designed by me. Graphic content allows students to learn the algorithm from A-Z easily and without any complexity. This course covers the practical implementation theory of step-by-step robotic arm development. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced robotics developer.

What you will learn in the robotic hardware virtual training course:

  • You will be able to develop your robotic writing arm using simple Arduino code
  • You are able to understand the robot writing algorithm
  • You are able to produce your own Arduino robot

Who is the right robotics hardware training course?

  • Anyone who wants to develop their own writing robot using Arduino
  • Anyone who wants to learn the process / concept of writing a robotic arm
  • Beginner who wants to learn how to program Servo with Arduino
  • Beginner who wants to know how to develop robotic arm writing hardware

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Basic knowledge of C programming language – Arduino programming language (optional)
  • Arduino IDE

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