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  • November 6, 2021
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Video Electronical Content Producer For Training And Presenting E-Learning

Virtual training Video video production e-content for training and presentation: Video is one of the methods because having images can easily convey various messages to the target audience. The human mind processes images much more easily than text. Thus we can conclude that the number of people who are interested in the video is increasing every day. Hence, businesses have become very inclined to produce video marketing for their products or services. Business owners produce the video they want for each part of their business to achieve the results they want.

Creating and managing a regular stream of video content requires planning and hard work. Video is a big investment, and Facebook and YouTube are full of competitors. You have to do it right. In this course, marketing and media strategist Roberto Blake provides a formula for creating a winning online video content strategy. From planning, production and delivery, to delivery and search optimization. Take a look at the online video landscape, learn exactly how to create content for whom. Discover the best ways to generate and submit, and find out what kind of content works best on what operating systems. High-quality content and attention to detail is the key to creating a large audience by learning the techniques that experts use to make online video properly.

What you will learn in the e-content video production virtual training course for training and presentation:

  • Pre-production and planning
  • Production: Camera, lights and sound
  • Edit and send videos
  • Online video platforms
  • Understand your audience
  • Build great content
  • Publish the right amount of content at the right time
  • Content calendar developing
  • Video optimization strategies

Objectives of the training course for electronic video content producer for training and presentation:

  • Production of content and video marketing for personal branding
  • Production of content and video marketing for organizational branding
  • Production of content and video marketing and introduction of customer service
  • Production of content and video marketing and introduction of products to the customer
  • Online marketing
  • Online sales
  • Online PR

Prerequisites for this course:

  • This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics.

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