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  • November 6, 2021
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Web Developer Engineer With JavaScript E-Learning

To be effective with JavaScript, you need to know what happens by entering a URL or clicking a link. Beneath each web pages are markup – JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – and the hierarchy that controls the screen and the Document Object Model (DOM). Then there is the server that hosts the files, the browser that provides them, the metadata, and the mobile experience to consider. Explore what happens below the surface and learn how to write better code.

This course creates a deep immersion in the World Wide Web, and you will understand the basic structures you need to build strong applications, websites, and maintenance. Learn how HTML documents provide the basis for CSS and JavaScript and see how to layer presentations and interactions above. Learn how different editors and browsers interact with web content, editing, programming, and display. Discover why accessibility is so important to keep the web open and accessible to all users.

Tasks of a web development engineer:
Ability to modify and optimize Internet websites
Development and publication of html sites
Web development using DHTML special effects
Write and fix multiple browser errors using Client-Side Java Script
Retrieve and display information from a database
Development of DHTML web pages
Java control and ActiveX Plug-ins
Build web applications using advanced Client-Side Java Script
Ability to read, write and debug Client-Side and Server-Side Script
Use SQL to query and update the database using JavaScript
What you will learn in this virtual web development engineer tutorial with JavaScript:
≡ From URL to website

دو Dual-purpose code

≡ Access

گر Browsers and editors

ML HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Prerequisites for web development engineer training course with JavaScript:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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