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  • November 7, 2021
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Adobe Flash Professional CC E-Learning

Flash tutorial, powerful and popular flash software. Adobe Flash Professional CC is a suitable tool for web designers and multimedia workers. In the new version, Adobe has tried to improve the programming and coding capabilities and work environment, and at the same time, by adding new design tools, has tried the needs of designers. Also, raise. Other new features include a powerful text engine, mobile device support, and ease of performance, and enhanced programming tools. Coherent and cohesive components and having a wide design work environment that makes it possible to present content through media formats are other key features. Bypassing the Flash software training course, you will become fully acquainted with this software and you will gain the ability and complete mastery to work with this software.

The student learns in this course:
Select the document type
Working with panels and workspaces
Import bitmaps and vector graphics in a project
Understand timeline and frame rates
Define keyframes and keyframes
Create button icons, graphics, and movie clips
Nesting schedule
Making twin shapes and moving twins
Definition of Reverse Motion (IK)
Use filters, blending modes, and masks
Combining audio and video
Use ActionScript code snippets
Configure SWF and HTML publishing settings
Release with AIR
Familiarity with Flash CC software environment
Familiarity with graphics in Flash
Work with symbols
Content management and masks in Flash
Text work
Work with audio and video
Familiarity with animation
Use Action Script
Application of user interface components
Control of file content and dynamic data
Flash file release and release settings
Prerequisites for Flash software training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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