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  • November 7, 2021
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Anchor Officer (Hospital Laundry) E-Learning

Virtual training in charge of the laundry – Hospital Laundry: Laundry is one of the most important parts of the hospital that is very important in terms of health and the spread of infection. However, contaminated sheets and clothing in health care facilities can be a source of pathogenic microorganisms. However, the number of reported cases of healthcare-related illnesses associated with contaminated textiles is very low. However, the risk of transmitting the disease through contaminated clothing during the washing process should not be overlooked.

  • The hospital laundry room should be located in a suitable place and equipped with all washing machines, dryers and ironing machines. In addition, the place of contaminated and washed equipment should be completely separate from each other so that they can not be mixed and secondary contamination. Light, ventilation, heat and humidity in this area should be adequate.

Topics of Virtual Training Course in charge of Langeri – Hospital Laundry:

  • Ability to detect harmful factors in the work environment and observe ergonomic principles
  • Ability to diagnose hospital wards
  • Ability to identify relevant work and personnel criteria
  • Ability to understand the importance of environmental features in the laundry
  • Ability to perform operational steps in the hospital laundry
  • Ability to monitor laundry activities
  • Ability to prevent occupational accidents and hygiene in the hospital laundry

Job Description of Laundry Unit:
Collect dirty clothes and sheets
Separation of clothes and sheets
Special procedures for handling clothing and sheets contaminated with contaminated, hazardous materials or body fluids. Observe infection control standards when working with contaminated clothing and sheets
Proper use of detergents and disinfectants in hospital laundry
Washing, drying, sewing, and embroidering clothes and sheets
The quality control program includes water temperature measurements
Store, distribute and deliver clean clothes and sheets
Supply of detergents
Service program and maintenance services for existing washing machines and dryers. Includes parts to be inspected during service and periodic maintenance of devices
Control the observance of the requirements and standards of the department
This unit has the following space:
Stoke room (clean sheets and clothes room)
Laundry room
Detergent storage room
Prerequisites for the Virtual Training Course in charge of Langeri – Hospital Laundry:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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