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  • November 7, 2021
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Arabic Language E-Learning

Virtual Arabic language training has been created to acquaint people with the basic concepts and rules of the Arabic language. Arabic, as one of the rich and attractive languages, which in addition to its long history has a considerable breadth, has significant features that make its learning and teaching more important. Innovative and pleasing structures, ‌ abundance of words, dynamics of acceptance from other languages, ‌ variety in interpretation and stability in the language system are the most important features of this language.

Note: This course contains 650 minutes of Arabic language audio training and also educational software is available in this course.

Arabic, as the language of the Divine Eternal Book and the rich Islamic heritage of hadith and history, is a common interpretation among the Muslims of the world. Also, the large population that speaks this language from the Middle East to North Africa and the borders of Southeast Asia, and the expansion of mass media such as satellite networks and the Internet, numerous magazines and publications, the scope of the Arabic language is increasing day by day. And doubles the use of this language. This course also contains 650 minutes of Arabic audio instruction and training software is also available in this course.

The effect of Arabic on other languages:
Arabic has influenced many languages ​​of the world. This influence has been more on the languages ​​that were once used in the territory of the Arab conquests. Urdu, Persian and Turkish languages ​​have taken many of their modern words from Arabic. Modern European languages ​​derive a number of their scientific and philosophical words from Arabic. For example, the word algebra is derived from the Arabic word “algebra”. The language has also influenced the grammar and vocabulary of Spanish and Portuguese, Maltese and Hindi have many Arabic words, in addition to vocabulary, Hindi also uses several special Arabic letters.

List of Arabic Virtual Learning Course Topics:

  • Guide for installing and using the software
  • Level 1 audio files
  • Level 2 audio files
  • Level 3 audio files

Arabic language course is useful for the following subjects:
Suitable for all people interested in learning Arabic
Prerequisites for Arabic language course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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