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  • November 7, 2021
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Arabic Language Proficiency (Arabic TOEFL) E-Learning

Arabic Language Virtual Learning – TOEFL Arabic: The applications of the Arabic language in modern times are so wide and varied. To take advantage of its capacities, various scientific-educational institutions, institutes, and centers have been set up all over the world. The multiple roles of language in the fields of education, research, science and art, and even in the professional and professional fields, has brought with it two necessities:

The teaching of the Arabic language in Iran has a long history due to the scientific, cultural, and ritual importance of this language. However, this role and position of Arabic metalanguage had led to less attention being paid to its communicative use. In the process of teaching Arabic, this important aspect – the role of language as a medium – was more or less neglected. Fortunately, today, learning Arabic emphasizes the communicative use of this language, like all other languages. Efforts are made to ensure that language learners acquire all language skills. Thus, the Arabic language is taught in Iran according to five axes:

Arabic as the language of religious culture;

Arabic as the language of science in the past and the language of Iran’s intangible heritage in various fields of knowledge, including mathematics, astronomy, medicine, and the like;

Arabic language as a prominent element in Persian literature and in integration with it;

Arabic as a means of communication to interact with the community of hundreds of millions of Arabic-speaking people in the political, religious, social, commercial, and cultural fields;

  • Arabic language as a two-way transmission bridge in the translation process with a variety of areas that can be implemented in Arabic

Topics of Arabic Language Success Virtual Training Course – TOEFL Arabic:

  • Translation technique 1
  • Translation technique 2
  • Methodology
  • Arabic Language Lessons 1
  • Arabic Language Lessons 2
  • صدی الحیاه
  • Mere knowledge
  • جامع الدروس العربیه
  • دروس دارالعلوم العربیه

Prerequisites for Arabic Language Proficiency Training – TOEFL Arabic:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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