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  • November 7, 2021
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Building Safety Inspector E-Learning

Virtual building inspector training is designed to familiarize people with inspection and mental health tasks. Building safety inspector is a job of the health and safety group, which has the competencies to study the harmful factors of the work environment in construction workshops, review work-related accidents, assess and control the risk in the construction workshop, implement regulations and technical protection instructions and Occupational health is responsible for reporting and completing checklists and observing personal and public hygiene in the workplace in construction workshops and is in line with HSE officer standards and is responsible for protection and safety.

The construction industry is responsible for a number of accidents, injuries, and casualties each year. This course gives you a basic understanding of common hazards on site, how to respond to emergencies, measures to reduce environmental impact, and safety regulations necessary for high-risk activities. This course also covers most of the material required to pass the Health, Safety, and Environment Test (CSCS) in the UK.

The chapters of the Virtual Training of Building Safety Inspector course are:
Health and safety at construction sites and awareness of hazards.
How to prevent injury when working on construction sites.
Awareness of on-site environmental hazards and how to minimize the risk of hazardous waste.
Who is this course for:
Those who seek to understand the common dangers of construction sites.
Those who want to refresh their knowledge about construction safety.
Those who want to pass the CSCS Health, Safety and Environmental Test.
requirements :
Interest in working in the construction industry.

Building Safety Inspector Prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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