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  • November 7, 2021
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Digital Basics E-Learning

Digital Basics Virtual Education Digital basics training course can be useful for all students and enthusiasts and enthusiasts of electronics. And a prerequisite for studying it is familiarity with general mathematics and simple DC circuits. The titles of this training course have been carefully selected according to the practical and formulaic goals. Study, research, class tests, and surveys of students, teachers, and craftsmen have been effective in selecting the main topics of this course. The digital basics training course with basic eloquent prose has expressed the basic contents and topics in digital electronics. This course first defines the digital number system and concept. In the following chapters, he examines the logic gates and Boolean algebra, then explains the combined circuits, sequential circuits, and flip-flops. Finally, it explains the shift of advanced registers and logic circuits.

Summary of this course:
Each section is dedicated to teaching the basics of digital logic circuits. And using the previous sections adds more value to what has been learned. This course includes topics on Basic Number Systems, Basic Conversion, Digital Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra and Principles, Boolean Expression Simplification, Carnot Maps (or K Maps), as well as more advanced concepts of hybrid circuits, including Encoder, Decoder, DeMultiplexers, Adders, Consecutive Circuits and more.

Digital Basics Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • The basics of digital logic circuits and logic design.
  • Basic number systems are common in digital circuits and common systems.
  • Binary account.
  • Digital Basics of Gates Logic.
  • Boolean algebra and expression to extract and simplify digital logic circuits.
  • Use Carnot maps to simplify logic circuits.
  • Advanced logic design including: arithmetic logic circuits, sequential circuits, memories and more advanced design concepts.

Prerequisites for Digital Basics Training Course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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