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  • November 7, 2021
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DigSILENT Software E_learning

digsilent software virtual training (DigSILENT software): Diggilent software (DIgSILENTPowerFactory) is one of the most powerful software in the field of power supply, which has high efficiency for analyzing power systems. While the DIgSILENT program can be used as a powerful computing tool for large-scale power systems, it is also used as a pocket tool for solving power problems. The software algorithms and modeling techniques of this software are reliable and flexible so that it can simulate and calculate a wide range of power system behaviors in steady or transient states.

Today, in most power centers and offices, this software is used as basic software in the calculation and analysis of power networks. Using DIgSILENT software, we can simulate a wide area network with all its equipment and calculations such as load distribution, transient model simulation, short circuit, motor starting simulation, stability analysis, optimal capacitor placement, reliability, Calculate economic load distribution, network reduction, cable size optimization, open node point optimization and many more.

Digisilent software features:

  • Project information management environment for single and multi-user
  • Has a database with storage of historical data and audit performance
  • Time-stamped information model
  • Ability to Baselining, versioning and publishing models
  • Integrated overview charts, simple and accurate line charts
  • Possible rapid analysis tools (AC and DC load current)
  • Distribution and embedding of power modeling
  • New models for wind power and virtual power plants
  • General software design and its information structure
  • Ability to accurately define topics and scenarios
  • Mathematical equations and solution techniques
  • Programming and maintenance of DIgSILENT software and how communication and interaction of software computational functions with each other
  • Type of software features and capabilities and user communication structure – the machine and its techniques

List of Digisilent software virtual training courses:

  • Digsilent introductory training
  • Familiarity with the software environment
  • Features of DIgSILENT software
  • Check power systems
  • Computer application in electricity
  • Types of software in simulation
  • DIgSILENT and drawing a linear diagram
  • Reporting in digsilent
  • Digsilent project sample

Digisilent software course prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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