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  • November 7, 2021
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Disaster And Fire Command E-Learning

Virtual training of fire and accident command in the field of health and safety, which includes tasks such as application of safety and health criteria in the workplace, crisis management and relief operations in natural disasters, crisis management and relief operations in industrial accidents, management and command In a fire, rescue and relief operations, ICS emergency command and management at the fire station. Which is related to the jobs of fire rescue technicians, industrial firefighters, and firefighters.

Tasks of fire and accident command:
How to manage the fire brigade in large fires is one of the biggest challenges for the fire department, with more than 20 firefighters usually involved. Managing operational teams is a difficult task that requires principled and integrated management.

The usual conditions for sending firefighters into the fire with the respiratory system are done in such a way that without registering the initial information of the expedition teams or their tasks, as well as the time of completion of the air inside the cylinder of the respiratory system and their departure time, team location, number of dispatchers Enter the accident and the time when the device whistle sounds. If an accident occurs in a firefighter, no one will be notified of his whereabouts or it may take a long time to be informed of his condition, which could put his life in danger.

Index of Virtual Training Course of Accident and Fire Command:

  • First aid training
  • Fire
  • Safety and health at work
  • Crisis management
  • Principles and basics of firefighting
  • Fire theory
  • Safety and accident

Virtual Accident and Fire Command training course is useful for the following disciplines:
Fire Stations
Safety Engineering
Prerequisites for the Accident and Fire Command training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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