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  • November 7, 2021
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Dreamweaver Software E-Learning

Dreamweaver Virtual Tutorial Today, the discussion of the web and web pages may be the talk of the day in computer science. With the rise of e-topics such as e-banking and even e-government, the issue is becoming increasingly complex. Meanwhile, the topic of web page design is becoming more and more widespread every day. And various companies have launched various software for this purpose.

Web pages are divided into static and dynamic. And when it comes to static web pages, the powerful Dreamweaver program has established itself as a professional web design program for many years in web designer systems.

The student learns in this course:
How to plan, design, load, and test a complete website using current Adobe Dreamweaver standards and functionality.
Dreamweaver-specific tools and options such as templates, libraries, assets, and interoperability with Adobe Creative Suite.
HTML and CSS design tags and tips, including how to organize scalable code that is applied to multiple pages.
Ability to edit, drag and drop WYSIWYG, which simplifies many aspects of web design.
Extensive multimedia options to help you incorporate high-resolution images, movies, audio, and animation into websites and apps.
This course is useful for the following people:

Anyone who wants to create their own website. Someone who has created a simpler website. And seeks to create professional and scalable web solutions.
Anyone wanting to learn the basic HTML and CSS design skills and how to use them.
Multimedia developers who want to learn how to add rich video and content to their existing site or to a new page.
Anyone who wants to get a quick update on the new features of Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5.
Prerequisites for DreamWare software virtual training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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