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  • November 7, 2021
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English Language Specialized Human Resources E-Learning

The specialized English language training of human resources has been created to acquaint people with the basic concepts and rules of specialized language. This course enables learners to strengthen their speaking and listening skills in disciplines and managerial and organizational topics and to be prepared to communicate with peers, customers and foreign partners. In addition to being familiar with the specialized idioms and vocabulary of their field in English, human resource activists are proficient in skills such as interviewing, reporting and preparing to enter the global arena.

Definition of human resources:
Human resources manage and supervise a group of people who work in a sector, another definition is a group of people who run the operations of an organization. Human resources include any individual or employee who works to improve their performance and that of their subordinates at work. This debate brings about significant change and progress and creates value for the organization. Human resources help and support employees at critical points.

Duties of the human resources manager:
Strategy for recruitment
Training employees
Wage management
Organizational relationship management
Address the needs of employees in the organization
Each employee in an organization
Improve the performance of employees and managers of the organization
Motivate and motivate employees
Note: This course also includes 450 minutes of the audio files.

Index of Virtual English Vocational Training Course in Human Resources:

  • Appriaisals1
  • Appriaisals2
  • Pay Raise 1
  • Pay Raise 2
  • Layoffs 1
  • Layoffs 2
  • External Meeting1
  • External Meeting2
  • External Meeting3
  • Training 1
  • Training 2
  • Conducting Interviews 1
  • Conducting Interviews 2
  • Staffing 1
  • Staffing 2
  • Personality Idioms
  • Experience Idioms
  • HR Manager
  • Training Manager
  • English 4 HRM
  • Check Vocabolary 4 HRM
  • English Trade Organization
  • 724Common word 4 Managment
  • Employment Practices
  • Previuos Experience
  • Accomplishments
  • Greatest Weakness

Prerequisites for English language course specialized in human resources:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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