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  • November 7, 2021
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Environmental Monitoring Of Landfills E-Learning

Virtual training of environmental monitor of landfills: The word monitoring means follow-up and investigation. The meaning of this word in environmental science directly emphasizes the study and follow-up of environmental pollution.

Environmental refining of landfills is a job in the field of environmental health and safety. After passing the skills related to this job, the person has the ability to develop standard methods of entry waste to landfills, securing and locating activities. Includes burial, compost production, recycling in landfills. Measuring the health-environmental effects of leachate on water, soil, and groundwater quality and measuring health and environmental effects. Recycling lines, compost production, and compilation of monitoring tables are other skills to be taught.

Types of monitoring systems
Instantaneous monitoring system: Using the instantaneous monitoring system, the pollution status of industries can be instantly informed and the amount of pollution can be monitored. And there will be no need for experts to refer directly to the units and measure their output. In fact, by installing instantaneous and online monitoring systems, industries will be required to comply with the emission standards of their chimneys and effluents at all hours of the day and night and to avoid pollution. And in case of failure of their control systems, they should immediately stop operating and repair it.

Online monitoring system: Online monitoring consists of two words monitoring which means monitoring and online which means being online. Online monitoring means online status monitoring. In this way, the monitored information is connected to a data center by different packets. Packets from the small internal network to the connection to the large Internet network are all online because they transmit live and instant information.

What you will learn in the virtual training course of environmental monitoring of landfills:

  • Environmental Management, Waste Generation Concepts and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Who is suitable for environmental monitoring of landfills:

  • Environmental students, environmental engineers, environmental officers, QSHE officers, HSE officers, HSE engineer

Prerequisites for the Virtual Training Course for Environmental Monitoring of Landfills:

  • Basic English knowledge

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