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  • November 7, 2021
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Eplan Electric P8 E-Learning

E8 Electric Virtual Training P8 has been created for people to become fully acquainted with E8 Electric P8. In fact, ePLAN P8 is a powerful and intelligent software for designing electronic schematic drawings and preparing other necessary documents for the implementation of a project, and due to the many features and capabilities that it provides to users, it has been able to be Reliable and acceptable software worldwide to attract about 8,000 customers in 30 countries.
If you are a designer and operator of factories and electrical installations, it is enough to design a schematic map with this software and use its features, and leave the rest to ePLAN P8 to get a part list, کلی general map, communication list and…. To extract and also be able to make changes in their designs. Note: It has a training aid cd that includes 15 hours of software training.

Benefits of Eplan Electric:
The design and execution of the project are significantly saved and repeated operations are avoided, which causes fatigue of the forces and energy loss.
It prevents mistakes and prevents wasting time and energy to fix the errors.
There are no restrictions on the application of a particular standard.
Simplicity and scope of work with projects and no need for software to view project results.
Simplicity and convenience of supporting and maintaining projects.
The workload and time of subsequent projects will be significantly reduced due to the use of previous projects and will attract more projects.
Topics of P8 Electric Virtual Training Course:
Students will learn about Eplan software and how to create and report electrical circuit projects.
Project – create, copy, delete, rename, backup, restore.
Pages – type, number, structures in EPLAN – how they work and why they need to be understood.
Macro / Window – How and why to use it.
Chart frame, chart form – how we can make it.
Basic functions of the EPLAN circuit – insert the symbol and create a new symbol library, setting, number.
Export EPLAN project reports (title page, cable overview, terminal diagram, parts report) to PDF.
Create a 3D installation panel and a 3D macro.
How to install Eplan software?
How to numerically conduct conductors?
How to create 3D model views?
You can download books and summaries and practice at home.
How to create macro PLC and device?
How to create revision and project options?
How to create PLC box bits and addresses?
Each student can complete this course and then can create their own projects at an advanced level.

Who is this course for:
Each student can complete this course and then can create their own projects at an advanced level.
P8 Electric Plan Periodic Prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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