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  • November 7, 2021
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Food Health Education Course E-Learning

Virtual health education of food: Humans need the energy to do their work and this energy must be obtained from healthy and nutritious food. If food is exposed to contamination and spoilage, it can endanger human health. Because food contains nutrients and microbes also need nutrients to grow, food can be a source of disease. We need to know about food, ways of contaminating food, how to store it, and the principles of fighting germs and pathogens so that we can understand the diseases caused by consuming contaminated food, such as poisoning, parasitic diseases such as worms. And who to prevent.

more details:

Not everyone feels the imbalance in mind and body as illness, disease, or just perfectly right. The vast majority of this imbalance can be easily remedied by better understanding the effect of food on the body as well as changing what you eat if necessary. Healthy Eating is a basic class that aims to raise awareness of the deep connections between mind, body, food, and disease. How these different factors can determine a major part of our quality of life.

What you will learn in the virtual food health training course:

  • Learn about the relationship between mind, body and food.
  • You learn how food affects the mind and body.
  • You learn how to start changing the shape of the mind and body by eating different foods.
    Who is this course for:
    People who want to know more about healthy eating.

People who want to learn how food affects the body and mind.

People who want to start their health both mentally and physically.

People who want to learn how to reduce stress by eating different foods.

Food Hygiene Prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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