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  • November 7, 2021
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French Language E-Learning

Virtual French language training is designed to familiarize people with the basic concepts and rules of the French language. French, like other languages, has undergone many changes throughout history. France in ancient times was an important part of the vast land in Western Europe called the Flower. The Flowers spoke the language of the whole family of the ancient British people, the Celts. The Celtic language continued to spread in the Land of Flowers until the Roman invasion. This invasion took place in the second century BC, and the Romans gradually spread Latin among the French people.

Of course, this language had a different form from the original Latin and was not the same language spoken in the Roman Senate or written by classical writers. This simpler and more irregular language, commonly taught to the French by soldiers and merchants, was called Gallo-Roman or slang Latin. Slang Latin also became Old French over time.

Reasons to learn French:
More than 260 million people on five continents speak French. In about 70 countries around the world, French is the official language or one of the official languages. At the same time, it is a foreign language that is the most popular among learners after English. France has the largest network of cultural institutions abroad, teaching French to more than 750,000 people a year.

Note: The course has Rosetta Stone software.

List of French virtual language courses:

  • Guide for installing and using the software
  • Level 1 book
  • Level 2 book
  • Level 3 book
  • Level 4 book
  • Level 5 book

The French course is useful for the following courses:
Suitable for all people interested in learning French
French language course prerequisites:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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