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  • November 7, 2021
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Hazard And Accident Hazard Assessment E-Learning

Virtual fire and accident risk assessment training: Almost all countries have fire protection laws in every workplace. And ensure that these rules apply to plants, so fire knowledge is no longer an additional word or information. Risk assessment in fire and accident environment is the competency to perform tasks such as assessment of potential and potential hazards in the environment, calculation of severity and risk, and risk management and is related to the competency standard of water supply, pump and fire hydraulic calculations.

Incidents can be classified in a variety of ways:
1- Accidents caused by human errors (fatigue, carelessness, jokes)

2- Accidents due to technical defects of equipment (electrical defects, mechanical defects)

3- Accidents caused by environmental and natural conditions such as insufficient lighting, inadequate ventilation, noise, earthquake, lightning

What you will learn in the fire and accident hazard assessment course:

  • Recognize fire in a very simple way
  • Get acquainted with fire concepts such as fire quadrilateral, risk assessment, fire evacuation programs, flash point, etc.
  • Get acquainted with different types of fire extinguishers and how to use them
  • Be able to control fire hazards with various control measures
  • The most effective extinguishing agent that should be used against any class of fire
  • Control of fire hazards caused by various activities such as welding and cutting, smoking, electricity, hot surfaces, etc.
  • Principles of fire risk assessment
  • Principles of fire evacuation programs
    Virtual Fire and Accident Hazard Assessment Virtual Training Course:
  • Workers in industrial environments
  • Applicants in safety and health occupations
  • Safety and health professionals
  • Students and newcomers looking to build a solid CV
  • Everyone wants to protect their home, workplace, etc. from fire hazards

Prerequisites for this course:

  • Get off social media, find a quiet and distracting place.

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