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  • November 7, 2021
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Health And Safety At Work E-Learning

Virtual health and safety education in the workplace: Safety is defined as the protection of human beings and their effectiveness from injuries and the prevention of human injuries. The first human attempt to improve immunity was made 2,000 years ago in the book Pliny and Elder Natural History. For example, the book states that workers should wear protective masks to prevent inhalation of toxic substances. And one of the first safety devices of mine safety lamps can be named.

The purpose of implementing safety regulations and relevant instructions is to create a healthy environment. In such a way that workers continue to work without worry and without fear of the dangers of the industry. Thus, the fear of the unknown future that is born and caused by accidents in the workplace. It will disappear in our industrial society. Not only is there no step forward in industrial development without a safety officer. Rather, the industry is in chaos and disintegration, and sooner or later it will lead to a gradual decline.

What you will learn in the virtual workplace health and safety training course:

  • What is health and safety at work and why is it important.
  • Risks and hazards related to work that usually cause accidents and health.
  • Your responsibilities and those of your employer regarding health and safety.
    A + Amenities that your employer should provide for you.
  • Consider your employer’s safety measures and procedures and how you can help support them.
  • Know that according to current health and safety laws, this is not what employers and employees are required to do.
  • Understand the importance of risk assessment in the workplace.
  • Understand why crash reporting is necessary.
  • Understand the importance of conducting risk assessments to prevent and control risks.
    Who is this course for:
  • This course is suitable for students and professionals who want to be more knowledgeable from a practical point of view in the field of health and safety and contribute to improving the level of health and safety performance.

Prerequisites for health and safety at work:

  • A basic understanding of health and safety is an advantage but not necessary. Students need access to a personal computer or laptop with Internet access to view educational content.

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