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  • November 7, 2021
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Implementation Of HSE In Industries (Introductory)

Virtual training for using HSE industries (introductory): HSE is the first letter of the words Health, Safety and Environment, which is responsible for all issues related to occupational health, industry, and environment, safety and fire and Is the environment. HSE philosophy in the oil industry, in the direction of sustainable development and human dignity through a systematic view and related to various health, safety, and environmental factors of the oil industry in human life, growth, and development of the country is of particular importance.

Due to the sensitivity of responsible governments in the field of HSE, they have applied strict international standards since 2016. That all companies are required to comply with those standards to conduct all their business affairs. These standards are also approved, signed, and committed by Iran. One of the most important is the CO2 commitment, which was signed in France in December 2015 by all countries, including Iran.

The issue expressed in this commitment is the impossibility of commercial and economic activity for companies. Their CO2 production is higher than the allowable limit and other authorized companies can not have economic activity with the wrong companies. Unless they have an HSE Plan and environmental certification. Therefore, from 2016 onwards, one of the requirements of trade in all economic fields is to have HSE Plan certification.

List of HSE Industries Virtual Training Topics (Basic):

  • Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) Management
  • HSE
  • HSE workshop
  • HSE in power plants
  • System policies to reduce risks
  • Fire safety
  • HSE workplace safety and health
  • Crisis management
  • Fight against fire and extinguish the opponent
  • Principles of work safety in laboratories
  • Harmful physical factors in the workplace
  • Help select and use personal protective equipment
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Familiarity with manual extinguishers
  • Safety and health risks

Prerequisites for the use of HSE industries (introductory):
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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