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  • November 7, 2021
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Linux Ubuntu E-Learning

Ubuntu Linux Virtual Tutorial: One of the different types of Linux distribution based on Debian distribution. The word Ubuntu is an African word meaning “humanity over others”. Ubuntu is one of the user-friendly distributions and is growing very well among Windows users. Among its advantages, we can mention the relatively good support of all world languages, such as Persian. Unlike Windows, which is a commercial product, Linux is an open source product and has been developed to expand the use of computers.

In general, Ubuntu is better known as a great desktop product (desktop management) than as a server. Ubuntu desktop distribution is known as a powerful product and free operating system. This distribution is supported in two ways: Community, Professional, and Commercial. Ubuntu desktop design uses Gnome, which is one of the most famous Linux desktops. Extensive use of the sudo tool is one of Ubuntu’s emphasis, allowing users to perform their management responsibilities without a superuser meeting. Ubuntu is based on the GNOME desktop, and in addition, other useful software such as the Mozilla Firefox web browser and LibreOffice is included with Ubuntu.

It’s hard to say what will happen to ubuntu, but ubuntu continues to play a major role in the world’s technologies. Ubuntu has always been interested in cloud computing and continues to thrive. Ubuntu is also in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ubuntu has a special version of the Internet of Things called Ubuntu Core, which is still evolving. Since IBM took over the Linux Red Hat distribution, Canonical, the developer of Ubuntu, is the largest independent Linux company.

Benefits of Ubuntu Linux Virtual Training Course:
1- Simple and user-friendly work environment
2- High security
3- Compatibility with most hardware.
4- Debian base
5- It has different versions for tablets, smartphones, personal computers, and…
6- Simple installation with installation guide
7- Full support
8- Ability to install third-party software
9- Benefiting from the complete package of pre-installed software
10- Lightness and no need for powerful hardware
11- Benefiting from various writings

  1. Support for most of the world’s living languages
    13- Being open source and free supply

What you will learn in the Ubuntu Linux Virtual Tutorial:

  • You will learn what Linux is
  • Install Ubuntu Linux
  • Working on the command line and why the command line interface is so simple yet powerful
  • Configure and secure remote access with SSH
  • Server security, ufw, proper updates and upgrades
  • Stop bad guys with Fail2ban
  • Nginx web server installation and security
  • Manage users and groups
  • Learn how to use the Linux file system

Who is eligible for the Ubuntu Linux Virtual Training Course:

  • You are interested in learning Linux
  • You have little experience with Ubuntu
  • You want to learn how Linux can fit into your life and work
  • You want to be comfortable with the power and flexibility of Linux

Prerequisites for this course:

  • You must have access to Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X or Linux computers.
  • Some computer skills, such as using a basic keyboard, what a hard drive is, and what RAM is.
  • To download Ubuntu, you no longer need an additional computer to pass this course.

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