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  • November 7, 2021
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Non-Operating Defense In Industries E-Learning

Passive defense virtual training in industries: Oil and gas and petrochemical industries are the main sources of income. Also, due to the sensitivity and flammability, and explosion of the facilities of this industry against enemy attacks and on the other hand, a vulnerability in cyberspace requires a comprehensive and codified program in the field of passive defense.

Passive defense is a competence of the Health and Safety Group. That works such as camouflage methods, concealment, cover, deception, division and dispersion, methods of reinforcement and strength, location, shelter and shelter, protection methods. It is responsible for firefighting and news and safety systems, post-crisis measures, and training and defense culture. And is in working relationship with the jobs in charge of security and managers and industrial supervisors.

Passive Defense Virtual Training Course Topics:

  • Perform camouflage, concealment, cover-up, deception, division and dispersal
  • Strengthening, strength and location
  • Use of shelters and shelters
  • Protecting documents and manpower
  • Use of fire extinguishing systems, news and safety Effects and results of passive defense:
  • Reduce vulnerabilities
  • Increasing national stability
  • Defense against threats
  • Facilitate crisis management
  • Create national interaction in emergencies
  • Production of defensive deterrence
  • Production of continuity power and production of essential items

Passive defense approaches of the petrochemical industry:

  • Cyber ​​Defense
  • Chemical defense
  • Biological defense (biological)
  • Technical and engineering defense
  • Radiation defense (radioactive)
  • Economic defense
  • Prepare for threats

Prerequisites for passive defense virtual training course in industries:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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