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  • November 7, 2021
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Nutrition Expert Virtual Training: Humans need food to survive. Eating is one of the innate needs of human beings. Having proper nutrition greatly contributes to the longevity and physical and mental health of people. Nutrition helps people achieve a healthy diet. Diet, the principles of nutrition, the value of food, and proper nutrition are important in nutrition. A therapeutic diet also determines the type of diet required in different diseases. Principles of Nutrition Examine what processes are performed on the food eaten to be absorbed or excreted. Determines the value of nutrients, the amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in foods and classifies them in terms of nutritional value. Achieving a proper diet may be the main goal of nutrition.

The difference between a nutritionist and a nutritionist
If we want to explain the difference between a nutritionist and a nutritionist, we must say that in fact, the two are not very different from each other in what they do, but they are different from each other in doing some other things, and the main and most basic The difference between a nutritionist and a nutritionist is that the level of education of these people is different. A nutritionist, as the name implies, studied for a bachelor’s or master’s degree and then entered the job market as a nutritionist.

Nutritionists are those who choose to study nutrition to enter undergraduate or graduate school. The bachelor’s degree in this field is continuous, and a person who enters this field and the bachelor’s degree in nutrition must spend 4 years and pass certain courses in order to be able to graduate in this field. Nutritionists can do many different things and their work is very important for the health of customers. The work that nutritionists do is related to everything that is directly or indirectly related to nutrition.

List of nutrition expert’s virtual training topics:

  • Nutrition and its role in obesity
  • Nutrition and diet therapy
  • Nutrition in diabetes
  • Nutrition in fatty liver
  • Nutrition and blood pressure
  • Nutrition in old age
  • Nutrition for athletes
  • Adolescent and youth diet
  • Treatment regimen
  • Obesity solutions
  • Special nutrition principles for experts
  • Nutrition training for experts
  • Community nutrition

Prerequisites for this course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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