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  • November 7, 2021
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Observance Of Health, Hygiene And Safety Requirements In The Working Environment Of Crafts (Wood, Pottery, Metal, Etc.) E-Learning

Virtual training to observe HSE in the workplace of handicrafts – wood, pottery, metal: Pottery is one of the oldest industries that is produced in Iran. The most important development in the pottery industry is the creation of paintings on pottery. The technique used in decorating pottery is varied. Among the techniques, under-glaze, glaze, turquoise glazes, seven-color glazes, and enamel glazes can be mentioned. Sub-glazing technique: It can be used to pre-glaze pottery, very attractive designs can be painted on pottery objects.

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In addition to this art, there are similar arts on wood. Such as lattice and woodcarving, which fall into the category of wood, metal, and pottery industries. Observance of health, hygiene, and safety requirements in the workplace is competence in the field of health and safety.

Metal handicrafts are products that use various metal and hand tools to create traditional forms and patterns on various metals such as iron, steel, brass, gold, silver, copper, bronze, and…

HSE training course chapters in the workplace of handicrafts, wood, pottery, metal:

  • Prevention of physical harmful factors in the workplace
  • Prevention of harmful chemical agents in the workplace
  • Prevention of biological harmful factors of industries in the workplace
  • Prevention of harmful psychological factors in the workplace
  • Observance of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Use of personal protective equipment in the workplace
  • Predict and prevent risks
  • First aid
  • Fire extinguishing
  • Observance of personal and public health in the workplace

Prerequisites of the HSE virtual training course in the workplace of handicrafts, wood, pottery, metal:

  • This course has no special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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