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  • November 7, 2021
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Occupational Health And Safety Risk Assessor E-Learning

Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessor Virtual Training: Occupational accident analysis can be effective in identifying and reducing workplace hazards and creating a safe environment and increasing productivity in workers. Shotcrete or concrete with mortar sprayed on the surface by compressed air is one of the important methods to control stability and prevent slipping and falling in tunnels. The aim of this study was to identify the risks and assess their risk using the occupational safety analysis technique in occupational shotcrete.

The study was descriptive-cross-sectional. Potential hazards were identified and activity risk levels were assessed using the JSA occupational safety analysis technique. The level of risk was obtained according to the three parameters of severity, risk and risk of exposure, and finally, according to the risk assessment code and their prioritization, control measures were presented. Based on the results of the job shot job study, occupational hazards and diseases were identified and corrective and preventive suggestions were made to eliminate or limit these risks and diseases. The highest risk based on the level of risk obtained was related to the risk of falling from a height, damage to the respiratory system as well as the auditory system.

What you will learn in the Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessor course:

  • Perform risk assessment in a professional manner.
  • Know the difference between danger and danger.
  • Know the optimal way to control workplace hazards.
  • Learn how to deal with specific cases when working. For example, disabled workers, pregnant and pregnant mothers, young workers and so on.
  • Together we are doing practical examples for the risk assessment process.
    Virtual Occupational Safety and Health Assessment Virtual Training Course Who is suitable:
  • This course is for all employees in any industrial work environment
  • For new graduates of practical colleges such as engineering, science and so on
  • If you work in safety and health, this course is essential.

Prerequisites for Virtual Training in Occupational Safety and Health Assessment:

  • To start this course, you do not need to review any material or download any software.

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