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  • November 7, 2021
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Parsix Linux E-Learning

Linux Parsix Virtual Learning is the number one operating system in the corporate world. Linux is a popular open-source operating system that is easy to use and very secure. If you want to start working in Linux and you have little knowledge of Linux or no information I can help you. In this course, you will learn installation, configuration, management, troubleshooting, shell scripting, command line, operating system tools, and more.

In fact, the Linux operating system should be called GNU Linux. The first Linux distribution was created by integrating the Linux kernel and GNU tools and being able to install and use the Slackware that is still being developed. Linux inherited Unix features such as commands and file system structure, hence the name Unix-like. Linux was initially text-based, so unlike its rival, Windows, and its early versions, which had a graphical user interface, it did not do well with users. But today, distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora have established themselves among personal users as distributions for personal use with attractive desktops.

Parsix also uses Gnome as its default desktop. The reason for choosing GNOME as the default desktop is the power, ease of operation, and style that it provides for older systems with less memory and CPU.
Parsix GNU / Linux also has fun games that require concentration, precision, and time to play. The popular game of chess (Chess) is one of them.

What you will learn in Parsix Linux Virtual Tutorial:

  • By the end of this course you will be a professional Linux manager and you can apply for Linux jobs.
  • You can take the EX-200 exam and become a Redhat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA – EX200).
  • You will learn 150 commands for Linux system management.
  • CentOS and Redhat version 7 and 8
  • You will gain advanced Linux systems management skills and a deep understanding of the principles and concepts of Linux.
  • You will be able to troubleshoot everyday Linux issues.
  • You will manage Linux servers in a corporate environment.
  • You write the introductory level for the development of shell scripts.

Parsix Linux Virtual Training Course is suitable for whom:

  • Anyone who wants to get started in Linux
  • Who wants to learn everything about Linux and become a Redhat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA EX-200)
  • Anyone who wants to get a full Linux training for hiring in IT
  • Anyone who wants to advance their profession
  • Anyone who wants to master Linux command line skills
  • Who wants help and advice in resume and interview

Prerequisites for Parsix Linux Virtual Training Course:

  • This course covers everything about Linux from the beginning so no previous experience is required.

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