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  • November 7, 2021
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Responsible For Evaluating Posture In Ergonomics E-Learning

Virtual training in charge of posture evaluation in ergonomics has been created to acquaint people with the tasks responsible for evaluation and familiarity with ergonomics. Responsible for posture assessment in competency ergonomics in the Department of Health and Safety, which periodically evaluates the musculoskeletal condition, design and organize the work environment according to ergonomic principles, develop ergonomic instructions and interpret the results and review the modified workstation conditions periodically. Will be in charge.

What is posture:
Posture is the mechanical relationship of body parts to each other. It can be done in static posture (resting or without anticipated movements such as lying down, sitting, and standing) and dynamic posture (in motion or motion prediction). Posture changes with the position and movements of the body and is affected by many factors such as general health, gender, body structure, strength, personal habits of the environment.

Ideal postures or postures are those in which, if the body is in that position, one activity is performed as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of energy. All activities start with one posture and end with another posture. The communication between the parts of the body can be controlled voluntarily, but doing so requires a lot of concentration. If the body is functioning normally, the body position and its adjustments will be done automatically and quickly.

The chapters of the virtual training course responsible for evaluating posture in ergonomics are:
Postural evaluation (musculoskeletal status)
Design and organize the work environment according to the principles of ergonomics
Development of ergonomic instructions
Applying posture assessment methods in the workplace
Scoring different posture practices and interpreting the results
Review, maintain, and maintain modified workstation conditions periodically
Who is the course responsible for evaluating posture in ergonomics:
Production specialists such as Process.
Industrial engineers, managers, factory heads.
CEO of SME organizations.
Prerequisites for the course responsible for evaluating posture in ergonomics:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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