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  • November 7, 2021
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Responsible For Implementing HSE-MS Management System E-Learning

Virtual training to implement HSE-MS management system has been created to familiarize people with HSE. This competency is a subset of the Health and Safety Group, the purpose of which is to improve the skills and knowledge of people who can work in the workplace by implementing the elements of HSE management system, namely leadership and commitment, policy and strategic goals, organizational structure, documentation, and evaluation. And risk management, planning, deployment, monitoring, auditing, and reviewing in order to achieve the micro and macro objectives of the HSE policy and continuous improvement of activities in economic, social, ethical, human aspects as well as in order to achieve the benefits of discipline. Health, safety, and the environment play a valuable role in the organization.

The purpose of creating an HSE management system:
Provide a targeted approach based on existing standards to ensure that potential and actual health, safety and environmental hazards are accurately identified and effectively eliminated or controlled.

The health, safety, and environment management system is part of the current general management system in the organization and strives to develop, implement, achieve, review and maintain health, safety, and environmental policy to pave the way for the principles of health, safety, and environmental risk management. Be related to the company’s activities.

Advantages of establishing an HSE management system:
Adequate knowledge of potentially harmful factors in the production unit.
Creating the right platform to improve unit productivity and excellence.
Establish a clear structure for HSE management and assign responsibilities.
Targeting and integrating ISO health, safety, and environment management.
Creating a suitable platform for continuous improvement of HSE in the production unit.
Understand the safety rules and regulations of the production unit.
Effective risk assessment and mitigation in order to control accidents.
The chapters of the virtual training course for implementing the HSE-MS management system are:
Management, commitment, and leadership
Policy and strategic goals
Organization, resources, and documentation
Risk management and evaluation
Monitoring and deployment
Review and audit
Prerequisites for implementing the HSE-MS management system:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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