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  • November 7, 2021
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Responsible For Occupational Health E-Learning

Virtual training in charge of occupational health has been created to familiarize people with the definition and duties of the person in charge of occupational health. Complications of work and corrective methods for the work environment include collecting health statistics, documenting and preparing relevant reports related to jobs such as HSE manager and protection and safety officer.

Duties of the occupational health officer:
Identification, sampling, measurement, and evaluation of harmful factors in the work environment that in some way threaten the physical and mental health of employees.
Planning and supervising the proper implementation of all quantitative and qualitative criteria contained in the regulations of the workshop facilities in terms of health.
Reviewing and recognizing and announcing opinions about hard and harmful jobs before or after approval in the committee of hard and harmful works of the province.
Grading each of the jobs in the production unit to prioritize and plan occupational health and occupational medicine.
Policy-making, planning, and technical and administrative supervision of occupational health organizations under the supervision
The chapters of the virtual training course in charge of occupational health are:
Control of physical harmful factors in the workplace
Control of chemical harmful factors in the workplace
Assessment of occupational diseases
Compilation of health and medical records
Prevention of occupational accidents in the workplace
Apply human engineering or ergonomics instructions
Evaluate and control employee nutrition
Perform first aid at work
Evaluate and perform health services
Disposal of industrial wastes and effluents
Prerequisites for the course in charge of occupational health:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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