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  • November 7, 2021
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Responsible For The Disposal Of Hospital Waste E-Learning

Virtual training in charge of hospital waste disposal and disposal has been created to familiarize people with hospital waste disposal and disposal. Responsible for the disposal and disposal of hospital waste is a job in the field of health and safety that a person after passing the training can be responsible for recognizing hospital wards, medical centers, laboratories, and related waste and training medical staff on safety, health, and environmental hazards. Due to contact with hospital waste, implementation and application of safety and health requirements and guidelines (HSE) in the workplace, storage, collection, segregation and classification of hospital waste, disinfection, disinfection, and treatment of hospital waste by Sterilization (disposal) and sanitary disposal of hospital waste is achieved through incineration (disposal) and sanitary landfilling.

How to collect hospital waste:
The first issue in collecting hospital waste is that you have to transfer it to the waste department after it fills three-quarters of the garbage bag. This means that garbage bags should not be completely filled. The next issue in garbage collection is that each bag must have a waste label. And preferably in large print so that it does not erase or peel off when moved. The garbage bags are then gently transferred to the garbage cans and finally, the bins are washed and disinfected. The important thing about carrying garbage is that sloping surfaces should not be used to carry it. Do not use these surfaces at all, especially for infectious waste.

Types of hospital waste:
Ordinary waste
Infectious waste
Sharp and winning waste
Chemical waste
The chapters of the virtual training course responsible for the disposal and disposal of hospital waste are:
Hospital and medical waste management and basic requirements.
Prerequisites for the course responsible for disposal and disposal of hospital waste:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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