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  • November 7, 2021
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Risk-Based Inspection E-Learning

Virtual risk-based inspection training: Over the years, risk managers have tried different methods to involve business units in the risk management process. Some simplified risk identification and assessment methods, while others complicated them. The result was the same in both cases – disappointing. Best Scenario – Annual or quarterly risk assessment is considered a necessary evil. Which most employees ignore and a few of them actively resist.

Has the example ever seemed strange to you, that risk management is a support function? But are businesses constantly required to provide information to risk managers, and vice versa? It almost feels like the business is there to support risk managers in doing their job.

Perhaps, it is time for risk managers to stop living in a world where businesses are regularly required to provide information, participate in risk assessment, and engage in lengthy discussions about risk reduction. After all, that does not mean business. Why do businesses spend their time earning risk managers with all this information? Interestingly, risk managers have been telling us for years that this is not about compliance, but about generating business value. Nothing comes together If an activity requires time and resources and does not have an immediate impact on business decisions or business processes, the issue is clearly wrong.

What you will learn in the risk-based inspection course:

  • Helps you focus on risk management 2. Learn practical steps to integrate risk management into key business decisions and processes
  • Be able to assess the maturity of your organization’s risk management process
  • Be able to develop a plan for integrating risk management into core business activities and decision making
  • Be able to integrate risk management principles into key decisions and business processes
    Who is the appropriate risk-based inspection virtual training course:
  • Risk managers and internal auditors
  • Decision makers
  • Independent directors and board members
  • Risk management students

Prerequisites for risk-based inspection virtual training course:

  • Basic understanding of corporate finance
  • Basic understanding of statistics
  • Basic understanding of decision science

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