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  • November 7, 2021
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Silverlight Software E-Learning

Silverlight Virtual Tutorial: Microsoft’s new technology for creating strong and beautiful user interfaces in web applications. The technology was first introduced to the software world by Microsoft in a series called the Windows Presentation Foundation, or WPF. And it was mentioned as one of the new features of .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista. Silverlight technology provides a runtime for the implementation of Rich Internet Applications. This allows the integration of animation, multimedia files, video, and other WPF capabilities along with the possibility of using technologies such as AJAX, XML, JavaScript to web programmers. Silverlight is one of the brightest jewels in the Microsoft toolbox.

Silverlight is one of the latest technologies offered by Microsoft. Which allows synchronization to play the animation, music, photos, and other web multimedia files. This is why many people consider Silverlight to be a new competitor to the Flash format. But the main purpose of Microsoft’s introduction of this technology is to help develop web applications. In fact, programmers can use Silverlight runtimes to play various media in their applications. And use Java and Ajax code at the same time. Silverlight supports MP3, WMA, WMV formats internally.

This means that the user does not need to have Windows Media Player or ActiveX on their system to play their files in these formats. Silverlight also supports the ASF format, but the Silverlight license states that this format is only permitted for personal and non-commercial use.

What you will learn in the Silver Light software virtual training course:

  • Create a Visual Studio project
  • Create user interface
  • Connect to RSS feed
  • Coding with IntelliSense
  • Create rich web applications with Silverlight
  • Build Windows programs with Windows forms
  • Integration with SQL Server
  • Work with Microsoft Office applications
  • Understand the development capabilities in Visual Studio
  • Work with data, ADO.NET and data sets using source control

Benefits of Silver Light Virtual Training Course:

  • Silverlight can be used for online viewing and streaming of movies and music.
  • Due to the small size (less than 2mb) can be easily downloaded and installed on the browser.
  • Silverlight improves the appearance and speed of web applications due to the use of client computer hardware resources.
  • SilverLight can also use vector images (VECTOR-BASED GRAPHICS), music, text and animation.
  • Web designers can easily do all the work they did using AJAX technology in Silverlight internally.
  • .NET programmers including C #, VB, J # and… can use their capabilities in the .NET world to generate.
  • Even PHP, JSP, and other languages ​​(Server Side Programming Languge) can use SilverLight.
  • Due to the multiplicity of languages ​​to choose from to produce SilverLight applications, learning and using this technology is very easy.
  • From all the beauty of Windows Vista, you can easily use LINQ, RSS, JSON and any web service.
  • You can stream audio files with WMA and MP3 extensions or use SilverLight.

Prerequisites of Silver Lite software virtual training course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites for training.

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