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  • November 7, 2021
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Spanish Language E-Learning

Virtual Spanish language training is designed to familiarize people with the basic concepts and rules of the Spanish language. Spanish (español) is a language from the Roman language family, which is itself a subset of Indo-European languages. The heyday of this language was during the time of Spanish colonization worldwide, but Spanish is still a powerful language and there are many reasons to learn it. This course has Rosetta Stone software and includes 1755 minutes of audio training file.

Due to the growing need to communicate with other nations and civilizations and strengthen international relations, language learning is no longer just a matter of vocabulary, but with the dominance of communication science over other sciences, language today is more of a living, active and highly efficient reality for transmission. And the exchange of ideas and opinions is considered. Therefore, the expansion of education and learning of living languages ​​of the world in order to acquaint those interested with the culture, literature, customs and traditions of other nations for the exchange of ideas is very important. In this regard, Spanish is the first language of nearly 500 million people in twenty-three countries The vast continent of America and the second language In most European countries, the United States and Canada, the need for teaching and learning this language is increasingly emphasized.

Extent and extent of Spanish dialect:
After Mandarin Chinese and English, Espanyol has the largest number of speakers in the world. More than 400 million people in the world speak this language and their mother tongue is Spanish. It is also the official language of 20 countries, including Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, Mexico and many more. Also, in the United States, Spanish has the highest number of speakers after English due to the large minority of Latinos. In the image below, the red dots indicate the countries whose official language is Spanish, and the blue dots indicate the countries whose language is one of the official languages.

List of Spanish Virtual Learning Course Topics:

  • Program installation guide and training levels
  • Level 1 books and audio files
  • Level 2 books and audio files
  • Level 3 books and audio files
  • Level 4 books and audio files
  • Level 5 books and audio files
  • Spanish idioms

Spanish course is useful for the following disciplines:
Suitable for all people interested in learning Spanish
Prerequisites for Spanish language course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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