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  • November 7, 2021
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Specialized English Language Telephone Conversations E-Learning

Virtual English language training specialized in telephone conversations, based on the main skills required in the world of work and competition today, designed to learn skills such as socializing with colleagues and telephone conversations today is known as an integral part of the world of work and business.

For many people, English is not their first language, so answering the phone in English is difficult. But if you learn key phrases related to English conversation, you can easily make a phone call in English.

People who are foreign CEO assistants and want to have a job interview in English. They teach in English remotely and …, they should be aware of the correct principles of telephone conversations in English.

Therefore, in this part of business conversation training in English, you will be taught professional telephone conversations to easily make international phone calls.

Learning English telephone conversations can also improve people’s employment status and business.

This course includes 195 minutes of audio training file.
List of specialized topics for specialized English language training in telephone conversations:
Basic principles of telephone conversations
Exchange information and ensure its accuracy
Record and receive phone messages
Coordinating and finalizing appointments and other issues
Complaining and how to handle complaints
Proposal plan and respond to proposed proposals
The specialized English language course of telephone conversations is useful for the following fields:

International Affairs Unit in Companies
Assistant to the CEO
Marketing Partner
Communications Officer
Director of Public Relations
Prerequisites for this course:

Specialized English language courses on telephone conversations do not require special prerequisites and are taught from the ground up.

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