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  • November 7, 2021
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Specialized Language Of Seminar Presentation And Articles E-Learning

Virtual language training specialized in presenting seminars and articles. This course is designed based on the main skills required in today’s world of work and competition and can be used by all managers, businessmen, professors, and activists in various fields. Learning skills such as lecturing is now an integral part of the world of work and business.

This course includes:

  • Welcome and welcome to the audience
  • Sign language (trade)
  • Tools for presenting a seminar article or a specific topic
  • Introduction of images (chart table, etc.)
  • Conclusion strategies and completion of the lecture.

Note: This course also has a 36-minute audio file.

List of specialized virtual language training courses for seminars and articles:

  • Specialized language for presenting seminars and articles along with audio files

Who is the specialized language training course for presenting seminars and articles useful for?
This course is prepared for anyone who is in the world of work and business or intends to work. And personnel management, and those who want to develop their vocabulary for the collection.

This course focuses on the keywords of lectures and seminars and is expected to be understood and used by the learner on a daily basis.
This course is also useful for anyone working in other fields related to business (secretariat, office, accounting, sales, business law, business management, etc.) and people who want to expand their knowledge of business vocabulary.

Prerequisites for a specialized language training course: presentation of seminars and articles:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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