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  • November 7, 2021
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Training Course On Making Glasses E-Learning

Virtual tutorial on making glasses: Glasses or binoculars or frames are called frames with glass lenses. Which is placed in front of the human eyes to improve the vision and direction of the eyes. Sometimes glasses are used only for beauty and adornment or to protect the eyes. There are also special glasses that are used to view 3D scenes or virtual reality. The first glasses to be worn on the face were made by Salvino d’Armati, from Italy, in 1284.

more details:
In the introductory training course on making glasses, you will be taught the principles and basics of making medical and sunglasses. In general, many steps must be taken to make a pair of glasses. That is, it starts with prescribing the lens and ends with adjusting the glasses on the patient’s face and providing his satisfaction, both medically and in terms of observing cosmetic cases. Of course, this end is another beginning. Begin to create a complete file for the patient and its archive and start after-sales service and survey the patient about his performance and the staff of the institution.

Zeiss lens

It is one of the most famous and best Zeiss prescription glasses. Despite its high price, it has attracted many fans from all over the world due to its unique quality. Its medical lenses are offered in different types such as Lotutec coating, Bukat technology, Photovision, Duravision Platinum, which are prescribed by the doctor according to the patient’s needs and eyes.

Kodak lens

Kodak lenses are also very high quality and are produced in very clear and beautiful colors. These single-lens and double-lens Kodak lenses are very narrow, which makes you not feel like you have glasses on your eyes or they are too light.


These types of lenses are the enemy of harmful light, and for those who use a lot of phones and computers, these lenses will be very suitable there. In addition to resolving vision problems, these lenses also prevent eye strain.

Prerequisites for the virtual training course Introduction to making glasses:
• Basics of light and basic optics
• Basics of Light Lab
• Recognize light and color filters
• Eye structure and UV beam damage
• Light Recognition Laboratory
• Polarized light, polarized glasses
• Light polarizing laboratory
• 3D glasses
• Spectrophotometry
• Spectrophotometric laboratory
• Standard sunglasses
• Sun and eclipse glasses

This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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