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  • November 7, 2021
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Turkish Language Istanbul E-Learning

Istanbul Turkish Virtual Learning: Istanbul Turkish is a language spoken and written by more than 90 million people worldwide as their first and official language or second language. The geographical area of ​​the language includes countries such as Turkey and Cyprus and some parts of Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, the Balkan Peninsula, and other parts of Eastern Europe. Also, due to the large migration of Turkish people to Western Europe, especially Germany, has led to the spread of this language in those areas. Due to the importance of these issues and the cultural, political and trade relations of our country with Turkey, learning this language has become one of the learning necessities.

This course has 656 minutes of audio files.
Note: The language of this course (English) has been chosen, meaning the same Istanbul Turkish.

Languages ​​such as Azeri, Kazakh, Tatar, Kyrgyz, Uighur and Uzbek are in the same group of modern Turkish. These languages ​​are closely related to each other. Therefore, learning Turkish provides a good basis for you to learn and understand other Turkish languages. Given that more than 30 Turkish languages ​​are spoken in Central Asia and developing regions, knowing Turkish will undoubtedly present you with interesting and exciting career and educational options.

This course provides an opportunity for you to develop or improve your Turkish language skills. Iranian Virtual Education Foundation guarantees quality, care and services during its courses. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate and advanced level, we offer courses that are suitable for you.

Istanbul Turkish Virtual Language Course Topics:

  • Teach Turkish language by voice.
  • Turkish to Persian and Persian to Turkish dictionary with installation tutorial.
  • Useful dictionary and key phrases of Turkish language.

Prerequisites for Istanbul Turkish language course:

  • This course does not require special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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