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  • November 7, 2021
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Ventilation Operations In Buildings And Indoors E-Learning

Virtual training of ventilation operations in buildings and enclosed spaces make people familiar with ventilation and types of ventilation in the building. The task of providing air conditioning in terms of temperature control (cooling), humidity (humidifier and dehumidifier), reducing pollution (air purifier) ​​, and… for human comfort. Air conditioning, updating air conditioning systems, increasing the quality and efficiency of this equipment, has become doubly important. Optimal service and maintenance of equipment and. Considered.

Types of air conditioning:
In general, air conditioning systems fall into two categories: home, industrial and semi-industrial air conditioning systems

Independent air conditioning systems (mini chiller, duct split, air conditioner, water cooler)
Central air conditioning systems (such as chillers and cooling towers)
Advantages :
The cost for each unit is independent
Independence in system maintenance costs per unit
Remove the general piping network from the central engine room to the consumption areas in the building
Usually, the life of standalone air conditioning systems (especially air conditioners and splits) is not as long as central air conditioning systems.
If the number of floors of the building is more than four floors, condensers should be installed on the terrace, which occupies a significant part of the terrace area. This imposes annoying hot weather on the terrace and the occupants of the apartment.
Also, in this case, a number of units of each building install their condenser in their floor facade, which also makes the exterior of the building ugly.
The chapters of the virtual training course on ventilation operations in buildings and closed spaces are:
Evaluation in ventilation operations
Working with various types of gas meters (TEST GAS)
Ventilation calculations
Ventilation operation
Prerequisites for ventilation operations in buildings and enclosed spaces:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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