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  • November 7, 2021
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Warehouses Safety E-Learning

Virtual warehouse safety training is one of the effective parameters in identifying a good warehouse, determining safety and health principles by management, and their observance by employees. It is necessary for the warehouse management to anticipate the events instead of following them. And safe measures should be considered to deal with them. (Action instead of reaction) Therefore, it has been tried to collect and present useful and complete materials in this regard in the short-term safety training course in Anbar.

What you will learn in the virtual warehouse safety training course:

  • Types of warehouses, types of warehouse performance, warehouse performance
  • The importance of warehouse safety training
  • Legal responsibilities in ensuring warehouse safety
  • Health and safety management in warehouses
  • Accidents and emergencies, electrical safety, fire safety, personal protective equipment
  • Manual handling is a factor that causes manual hand injuries.
  • Employers and employees in manual labor.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Site security, storage systems, storage systems and automatic recovery
  • Chemical and hazardous storage, temperature controlled storage and more!

Warehouse safety training requirements:

  • Access to any smart device equipped with internet

The main highlights of the course:

  • Warehouses not only have stocks but also many risks. And a lot of accidents and injuries happen every day. It therefore brings warehouse safety as an important concept. Knowing the basics and common sense of good housekeeping, including identifying and eliminating general occupational safety hazards, has been done as an important area of ​​knowledge to prevent accidents.

After completing this course, you will learn how to prevent warehouse damage and explosion at your workplace. You can also get a well-known certificate that can be used to work on warehouse safety. Confirm your abilities at home and at work. And use them to create online profiles and markets to gain recognition and prevent harm.

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