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  • November 7, 2021
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Waste Services Supervisor E-Learning

Virtual training of service and waste manager: The service and waste manager is a person who, in addition to having public supervision skills, can handle – division of labor among workers and offer overtime and encourage them, supervise work and solve work problems and defects, correctly explain equipment and Work tools, supervision and care in gardening and cultivation of flowers, trees and grass, supervision and care in cleaning the factory area, parts area and collection of waste and garbage and transfer to the desired locations, supervision and care in cleaning offices and Equipment in office buildings, supervision and care in cleaning and disinfection of toilets, supervision and care in preparing tea and reception of guests and staff, collecting cartons and separating them and controlling them inside and collecting leftovers, monitoring and Care in collecting and sorting waste, supervision and cooperation in waste counting and weighing, supervision and care in collecting metal boxes, supervision and care in discharging sewage, cooperation with factory officials in providing services.

Virtual Training Course Topics for Services and Waste Supervisor:

  • Ability to divide labor between service workers and offer overtime, encourage and punish them
  • Ability to monitor work and fix problems and shortcomings of work
  • Ability to properly distribute the tools and equipment needed among workers
  • Ability to monitor and care for gardening and growing flowers, trees and grass
  • Ability to monitor and care in cleaning the factory premises and parts area and collecting waste and garbage and moving to the desired locations
  • Ability to supervise and take care of the cleaning of offices and equipment in offices and office buildings
  • Ability to monitor and care in cleaning and disinfecting the factory toilet. Wardrobe and control of detergents and soap and toilet liquid and planning to use the factory bathroom
  • Ability to monitor and care in preparing tea and entertaining guests and staff according to schedule
  • Ability to collect cartons and separate them, control inside them and collect leftover parts

Prerequisites for Virtual Training Course for Appropriate Services and Waste Manager:

  • This course is taught from the basics and does not require any special prerequisites.

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