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  • November 8, 2021
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Chinese Language E-Learning

Chinese Virtual Learning: Mandarin (Simplified Chinese: 话 话, Traditional Chinese: 話 話, Pinyin: Mǐn yǔ; meaning “authorities’ speech”) is a group of Chinese languages ​​spoken in the northern and southwestern parts of China. The Beijing dialect, which is considered the basis of standard Chinese, is a subset of this language. Since Mandarin originated in northern China and most Mandarin languages ​​and dialects are found in the north of the country, it is sometimes also referred to as North Chinese Mandarin (话 话, běifānghuà, “Northern Speech”).

Most Mandarin species, such as the Southwestern dialect (including Sichuan) and the Lower Yangtze (such as Nanjing), do not understand each other. And against the standard mandarins are also understood to some extent. With about one billion native speakers, Mandarin is the world’s first language based on a population of native speakers.

more details:
After the establishment of the new China and its rapidly growing all-around trend, attention to the Chinese language and its teaching has been considered in many countries of the world. In our country, due to the large volume of political, economic, military, scientific, and cultural relations with China. And considering the global position and influence of this country and also the pervasiveness of the Chinese language, learning it is a very important and necessary need today.

What you will learn in the Chinese language course:

  • Learn common Chinese words and phrases
  • Continue the conversation in Mandarin Chinese
  • Speak Chinese around your home and workplace
  • Gain confidence in learning and speaking Chinese
  • Read Mandarin Chinese characters (simple letters)
  • Understand the basic rules of Mandarin Chinese grammar
  • Understand different tones in Chinese
  • Learn Chinese characters
    Who is eligible for a virtual Chinese language course:
  • People who like to learn Mandarin Chinese in an effective and fun way. This course is for beginners or people who want to take the HSK1 and / or HSK2 exams.
  • People living and working in China
  • Learners who are interested in Chinese
  • Students enrolled in a Chinese language school or Chinese major at the university
  • People traveling to China
  • People who like to connect with their Chinese friends

Chinese language course prerequisites:

  • This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the basics

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