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  • November 8, 2021
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Cultural Management Of The Holy Sepulcher E-Learning

Virtual education of cultural management of holy shrines, Imamzadeh is the son or grandson of one of the twelve Shiite Imams and also their tomb. There are many shrines in cities and villages of Iran and a smaller number in Iraq. Imams in Iran are run by an organization called the Endowment and Charity Organization. The existence of thousands of tombs and holy places in Iran, along with the firm belief of Iranians in the status and dignity of its neighbors, has created such a capacity in these places that with proper planning, these places can be turned into a cultural hub. Until now, religious places and shrines have been viewed only from a spiritual point of view. But it should not be overlooked that these holy shrines can be viewed with an impact on the culture of society. Because one of the primary goals of the Prophet (PBUH) and the revelation of the Qur’an was to change the culture of society. Undoubtedly, Imams (AS) and Imams from their generation will play an influential role in shaping the culture of society.

Cultural management training course on holy shrines has been written with the aim of utilizing the capacities of holy shrines and also using the characteristics of rich Islamic culture in order to establish and develop pure Islamic culture by avoiding parallel scattering and paying attention to the coordination and cultural management strategy of holy shrines as cultural hubs. Is. And helps to develop a new model and structure for cultural management in the form of social networks formed in shrines and holy places.

Topics of the virtual training course of cultural management of holy shrines:

  • Receipts in endowment in terms of jurisprudence and law
  • Thought survey
  • Religious tourism
  • Holy Beacons
  • Sociology of tourism in Mashhad
  • Review of the book of Islamic culture and civilization
  • Attitudes
  • Principles of jurisprudence

Prerequisites for the cultural management course of the holy shrines:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is basic

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