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  • November 8, 2021
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Customer-Centric Specialized English E-Learning

Customer-centric specialized English language virtual learning aims to provide an opportunity to improve people’s skills in a way that sets you apart from the competition. We will look at different models of high-quality customer service, strategies to improve your skills, and tactics that your customer service representatives (CSR) can easily acquire and implement immediately. In addition, you will learn how to handle any complaints you receive in a completely professional manner. You will learn about the benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) and how it can be a tool to raise the standards of your service.

Focusing on the management and business environment, this course enables learners to strengthen their speaking and listening skills in the field of management disciplines and topics and to be ready to communicate with peers, customers and foreign partners. With specialized idioms and vocabulary in English, they master skills such as interviewing, reporting and و and are ready to enter the global arena.

What are the most important elements of a customer-centric specialized English course?

Face-to-face contact with your customers
The most effective use of telephone, email, and CRM in the communication process
How to deal with stubborn and angry customers

Who is customer-centric specialized English language virtual learning suitable for?

Those who have to make strategic decisions about how to adjust their customer service level
Those who are at the forefront of customer service
Customer service managers
Everyone involved in developing relationships and attracting customers

Prerequisites for this course:

Customer-centric specialized English language courses do not require special prerequisites and the course is taught from the ground up.

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