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  • November 8, 2021
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DBA Management – Applied Law Tendency E-Learning

DBA Virtual Education Applied Law Orientation

Applied law is in fact the rights and duties that affect daily life, including personal and social relations, interactions and transactions, the duties of legal entities, and so on. In applied law, in addition to the approved laws and regulations, we are faced with unwritten procedures, rules and regulations that are always governing daily and micro and macro relationships and interactions.

In various fields, by knowing and recognizing the points of applied law, a fundamental and important step can be taken to facilitate relations and reduce legal challenges and issues. In a world that is the age of communication, having healthy communication and interactions is very important and in this regard Knowing the rights and duties in that particular field determines the degree of success in that field.

The concept of applied law:
Jurisprudence, however, is only a branch of the social sciences. Therefore, the solution to all social problems cannot be found in it, but it is definitely a practical and pragmatic science. Perhaps, for this reason, the phrase “applied law” seems a little incomprehensible at first. That is, the question arises, do we also have “non-applied law”?

In explanation, it should be said that the purpose of designing the rules of this science in each region and country is that people can understand its effects in practice, in their daily lives and can move from a primitive and lawless society to a progressive and law-abiding society. Progress. It means a society in which everyone can easily and without any special problems and costs demand their rights and then in a reasonable time – and as quickly as possible – to receive their full rights; Therefore, according to the above, it can be said that from now on, law is a science that, by implementing its provisions, provides a platform for the full realization of everyone’s rights as soon as possible, without any particular problem or problem.

What you will learn in this DBA Virtual Applied Law Tutorial:
. Familiarity with contracts and how to regulate them in commercial transactions

Intellectual property

≡ Registration of companies

Insurance rules

≡ Check and promissory note rules

≡ Principles of trade

≡ Labor rules

≡ Tax

≡ Tax return

Prerequisites for the DBA course in Applied Law:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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