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  • November 8, 2021
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Drills Expert E-Learning

Virtual drill expert training has been created for people to become fully acquainted with the drilling expert. In this course, you will learn how to use your electric drill effectively, how to operate the battery drill and how to choose the right drill. We teach you how to make the right drill for drilling in wood, steel, glass and masonry. You will learn how to use torsion bits, Forresters and bit pads and how to use your drill as an electric screwdriver. We will also introduce you to a wide range of drilling accessories to make your work enjoyable. If you want to have the skills to use a drilling machine or an electric screwdriver to work on your dream projects, this course is for you.

Learn effectively with our in-depth approach to introducing you to the world of electric drills and power tools. We show you the complex work of different drills and drill bits and how to use them effectively. With us, you will learn well and have a professional understanding of how drilling machines and related bits work and are used.

Drill Expert Virtual Training Course Topics:
How to use the drilling machine
How to use an electric drill
How to change drill bits
How to drill in steel
How to drill in wood
How to drill holes in walls
How to stone
How to use a drill as a screwdriver
How to use drill torque settings
What drill bits to use
How to use an electric screwdriver
How to build with a drilling machine
How to drill
How to use the drill
Who is this course for:
Tendency to improve DIY skills
Desire to learn well
Prerequisites for the drilling expert course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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