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  • November 8, 2021
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Economic Geology E-Learning

Virtual economic geology training is created for people to be fully acquainted with economic geology. Economic geology is a branch of geology that discusses the conditions under which minerals are formed, their morphology and morphology, their texture and structure, the factors that control the dispersion of minerals, their technical and economic justification, and finally the genetic classification of minerals. In order to achieve the above goals, various methods of mineral decomposition, geophysical and geochemical methods and material processing are performed. Also, in carrying out various exploration projects, the necessary attention should be paid to environmental issues.

With the science of economic geology, it is possible to discover and identify overt and covert deposits on the earth. For example, there are various mines in Iran, such as Sarcheshmeh copper mine, Miduk copper mine, Gol Gohar iron mine, each of which employs thousands of people, and the science of economic geology is the beginning of the exploration of all these mines. . Economic geology in relation to different types of deposits and minerals, has defined, how the formation and origin of different minerals, which helps a lot to explore different deposits and minerals. This science is the basis of an economic idea and employment production. In this course, the main topics related to this science are presented and presented in a concise and useful way, and also the complexity of the concepts of this science with different forms and tables is expressed in a simple and understandable way.

Topics of Virtual Economic Geology Training Course:
Determining the separation and paragenesis of ores in ores
Deposits with igneous and playful igneous masses
Ores with intermediate igneous masses
Deposits with acidic igneous masses
Deposits with ophiolite assemblages
Deposits with volcanic belts
Deposits associated with hydrothermal activity
Metamorphic deposits
Skarn deposits
Who is this course for:
Prerequisites for the course of economic geology:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and the course is taught from the beginning.

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