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  • November 8, 2021
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FCE Exam Preparation Course E-Learning

FCE Virtual Test Preparation Virtual Training: Preparing for the FCE test is a big deal. Level B2 is a high level of English and Cambridge does not make the first exam easy. It is natural to say, “I do not know what to do!” Or ask lots of questions about your readiness, such as “What can I do to improve my speech?”

Just to make your expectations clear – do not expect to sit down and watch any movies during this period. And get your B2 certification right away. If you follow my advice, it will take work and time to get to the B2 level and improve test results.

more details:
The FCE test is on the University of Cambridge’s formal test schedule after the PET test, which assesses language learners at the Upper-Intermediate level. Every year and in every season, a large number of language learners from all over the world receive an official and international degree from the University of Cambridge, UK, by taking this test and earning a passing grade. If you succeed in obtaining this degree, it shows that you have the ability to compare all English texts in different subjects and the way they are placed and combined, as well as the power of text analysis. You understand well and are able to present it.

What you will learn in the FCE virtual preparation course:

  • Answer the most common questions students ask about FCE
  • Preparation strategies, techniques and activities that you can use to prepare for the test
    Who is the right FCE exam preparation course:
  • People who want to prepare for the first Cambridge B2 exam
  • People who want more complete guidance on how to prepare

Prerequisites for the FCE exam preparation course:

  • English B1 level

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