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  • November 8, 2021
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Getting Halal Brand E-Learning

Virtual Education for Receiving the Halal Label, the World Halal Institute was established in 2007 to promote halal culture, and after the approval of the Halal Food Standard by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in 2010, it expanded its activities to new sections explaining “halal science”, “regulations” Halal ”and“ Halal Professional Ethics ”.

This standard applies to the following topics:
A. Raw materials and food additives of animal or intoxicating origin. These ingredients can include additives, preservatives, flavorings, thickeners. And like it with an animal and intoxicating bases such as gelatin, yeast, albumin and enzymatic compounds.

B- Food products that in their production and processing, however much, any part of raw materials and additives of animal origin. Or intoxicating used. These products can include a variety of meat products, dairy, oily. Beverages and fermented products and alcohol and their derivatives.

C- Raw materials, additives and food products. Which may be in contact with impure or insoluble substances at any stage of the food chain. These steps can include receiving, preparing, processing. to split. Extraction, extraction, determination, packaging. Labeling, marking, control, handling, transportation, distribution, storage, supply and serving of halal food. And its products, including food ingredients and processing aids.

D. The raw materials of food additives and products, the method of production of which may be such as to lead to a change in the principle of solubility of the food. Like grape juice, which is forbidden by boiling until two-thirds of it evaporates.
All requirements and features of the halal standard are intended for use by all legal authorities of the country that are related to the food chain.

Virtual training course topics receiving halal badge:

  • Halal standard text
  • Produce halal food and receive halal mark
  • Solvent standards

Prerequisites for receiving the Halal badge training course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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