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  • November 8, 2021
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Getting Ready For Exam E-Learning

GRE Virtual Training, GRE test stands for Graduate Records Examination. The purpose of the GRE test is to assess the abilities and information of graduates. This test is usually required to enter higher education than a bachelor’s degree. American and Canadian universities usually make a high score on this test one of the conditions for continuing their studies.

Types of GRE tests:
This test is held at two levels, General and Subject, which has three parts: verbal, quantitative, and analytic. In the linguistic part, difficult and synonymous words are often asked, and in fact, only the student’s vocabulary is considered. The words asked are really difficult and unfamiliar to most students. A small number of relatively simple math questions are asked to assess the candidate’s basic abilities. The analytical part is also about the analysis of a controversial topic and is in writing. That is, the candidate is asked to write a text on a specific topic and express his / her personal analysis.

Different methods of holding and registering for the GRE test:
This test is held in two forms: CBT and PBT. By, you can register for the ETS Institute’s GRE exams, which are held on a paper-based basis at the Assessment Organization (NOET) Center in Tehran, and you can register online at other centers. Apply through the ETS website or at the address of the same centers.

The purpose of the GRE test preparation course:
The GRE test preparation course provides you with the study resources needed for this test and will test your ability to take the GRE test by taking a virtual test.

GRE Test Virtual Training Course Titles:

  • GRE tests

Prerequisites for the GRE test preparation course:
This course does not require any special prerequisites and is taught from the ground up.

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